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Matthias Clemens Vermögen

Matthias Clemens Vermögen: Saarburg Matthias Clemens, a Saarburger, is a member of the German rap band Kollegah and entrepreneur Matthias Clemens. Now, in a widely-watched video, he has claimed that he must demolish a city-owned building that he has rented.

Matthias Clemens Vermögen
Matthias Clemens Vermögen

Matthias Clemens is the owner of the Zec+ company. Since 2013, the company has been selling supplements for the fitness industry to help build muscle, burn fat, or become fit. So far, so good for the Saarburger. According to Clemens, more than 100 people now work with the company.

Saarlouis has an outpost and a number of large German cities have branches of the company. Clemens tells the TV that there are 50 people working at the Saarburg location. Furthermore, he had many freelancers from the Trier/Trier-Saarburg area working for him.

Clemens has made a name for himself in the fitness and bodybuilding industries. One of the secrets to his success is that the muscular Saarburger is well-known in the German Hip-Hop scene. In the public eye, he may be seen performing with rappers like Farid Bang.

Clemens founded a foundation with rapper Kollegah, whom he describes as a good friend, to support charitable endeavours in Palestine. But even in business, the friends help each other out. Zec+’s marketing efforts are aided by the rappers, who also serve as sponsors.

So does he not only speak to the fitness community, but also to the athletes from the Hip-Hop community. He seems to be tying the Hip-Hop style to the fitness business, which was previously seen as a more stodgy one.

Matthias Clemens Vermögen
Matthias Clemens Vermögen

As a result, he appears in interviews with the online publication Hiphop.de, where most Rapstars do. (mai) Saarburg’s gardens should be connected to the Grünzug and the kitchen on the military grounds once in a while. “

De Tuinen von Appeltern,” Europe’s largest garden park, serves as an inspiration for this permanent exhibition area for garden culture. Part of the “National Projects of Urban Development,” the renovation of the former military base is receiving $5.43 million in funding from the Bundesinnenministerium.

In addition to Saarburg’s gardens, the so-called Saarburg-Terrassen, with 360 dwelling units, are in the works.However, the Saarburger does not just generate his range. Clemens has tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and a number of YouTube channels, where he posts often. Normally,

He acts as if he is an authentic representative of the Zec+ company while discussing the company’s products or the advice of the competition. In some ways, it’s like when rappers publicly “dissen” their opponents in hip-hop.

As a “Diss” in the language of the scene, a “Smähkritik” style tool, one uses to fight back against one’s opponents.But Clemens did something a little out of the ordinary a few weeks ago: He included his love for the region in one of his videos. Furthermore, the Saarbrücken administration, led by Mayor Jürgen Dixius, has nabbed him on his own unique style.

Matthias Clemens Vermögen
Matthias Clemens Vermögen

Compared to Clemens’ other videos, this one has had very little views at about 19000. The businessman’s theory: Dixius would prevent him from staying in his beloved Saarburg with his company. Zec+’s tenancy agreement for the Irscher Straße business centre on the site of a former French military camp was cancelled by the city “almost out of nowhere.”

Clemens explains that despite his love for the area and his desire to continue to pay business taxes, the city refuses to cooperate with him. In February 2019, Mayor Zec+ assured the company that it will be able to use the Halle for two to three years after this date.

However, in the midst of the Corona lockdown, the city of the company sent a termination notice with an order to vacate the building by April 2021 – which, from an entrepreneurial standpoint, would be an undoing.

In Saarburg’s view, the Halle is so important because it lies at the heart of a previous project called “Gärten von Saarburg” (siehe Info). The city expects to get $5 million in federal grant money for this endeavour. It is planned that the current Zec+ Hall will serve as both an entryway and an event space in the future. In order to get the grant money, strict adherence to deadlines is required.

Matthias Clemens Vermögen


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